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Craft Beer

Can a label be tasty? You bet it can. The creativity that is flowing out of the craft breweries has accelerated the label industry. Nothing is off-limits. Because really, when you’re brewing up a bold batch of frothy goodness, you want to make sure you have a label that matches up. Competition is stiff in the craft beer business, so you need something that undoubtedly says “Crack me open mate!”

If you need daring, we know how to do that.


Health and wellness products require hard-working labels that are more than just good-looking. They need to showcase a lot of information that’s constantly changing, be durable so they stay put, and generate confidence that your product is the real deal. Nutraceutical labels are where brawn meets brains and beauty. 

That can be a tricky trifecta, but we know how to do it.

Wellness Product Labels printed by Royal Labels New Westminster
Royal Labels specializes Grocery labels


From cookies to soup to pizza dough, if you can make it, you can label it. Nothing says delicious like a drool-worthy label. However, labelling food products can have constraints and things to consider like food grade adhesives, standing up to condensation, and refrigeration. Don’t worry, you can still give your food items all the feels without being confined to an ordinary label. 

Unique and practical doesn’t always mix, but we know how to do it.


Flashy, colourful, and uniquely labelled cannabis products are flooding shelves at lightning speed. Standing out from the competition is imperative, but you must also be compliant with Health Canada regulations. You need experts who understand the importance of both.

Catchy and compliant? Yep, we know how to do that.

Cannabis Labels printed by Royal Labels New Westminster
Royal Labels specializes in Personal Care products

Personal Care

Beauty products demand variety. Labelling lotions, potions, make-up, soaps, and hair products require a wide range of shapes, sizes and finishes. Accommodating the luxe product with a creative label that defies the odds is an art unto itself. 

Lucky for you, we know how to do it.  


Standing out in a sea of wine from all over the world is no easy feat, but it’s not impossible. No other product needs a label that tells a story more than a good bottle of wine. Ripened, oaked, and aged to perfection, a wine label is poised and positioned to share so much more.

When you need to let it breathe, we know how to do it.

Royal Labels specializes in Wine Labels

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